Penis Pump Information

There are primarily two main reasons why men generally purchase a penispump. Firstly, it is recommended as a medical option for men who are suffering the effects of erectile dysfunction disorder. A penispump can help stimulate blood circulation and a have a positive impact on sufferers. Furthermore, many pumps have a holding band in place which supports and maintains an erection for up to thirty minutes during intercourse. It is said that a massive 50% of adults aged 40 – 70 will suffer at some stage with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction disorder in their lifetime.

Secondly, a penispump or traditional vacuum were originally invented not as a medical aid but to act as a penis enlargement tool to use during intercourse. It must be stressed that when purchasing a pump for reasons of penis erection enlargement do not expect the enlargement transformation to be permanent. It is true that a penis pump can enlarge the penis, however, only temporarily. Once the act of intercourse is finished the penis will soon return to its ordinary size prior to using a vacuum or penis pump.

Although penis pumps are generally accepted as being safe there are a few potential safety risks to consider. There is a small risk of temporary impotence but more commonly damages to the skin. For instance, there have been many cases of users who have blistered and bruised themselves. In addition, it has been known for users to have ruptured blood vessels and cause a swelling or discolouration to the skin. The most common cause of injury is due to users over-clamping. This is when a clamp is used for longer than the recommended clamping time which is usually between 20 -30 minutes. So please carefully follow the safety instructions recommended by the manufacturer to avoid injuries.